woensdag 16 maart 2011

Wanna wanna wanna !!

 Unfortunately I'm such a shopaholic.. There are some things I really want to have. In the future I'll purchase them (I HAVE TO) ^^
Here are some points of my wishlist:

--- Designer bags, scarves, watches, shoes etc. (you can't have enough)
LV; Damier Canvas Speedy, Monogram Eva/Milla Clutch, Monogram Vernis Brea,
 Monogram Multicolores Scarves, Leopard and Monogram Square
Gucci; Joy Bag
--- Other clothes, make up, perfume and many many more !
I really like to buy MAC, Chanel, Dior for my make up. At the moment are Mac lipsticks the most favourite and I also have a new love to the YSL lipsticks. ILOVELOVEPINKK !!

What I recently already have that I have been wanting for so long:
- Camera
- Gucci, Burberry Bag
- iPhone 4

Those things that are on my wishlist I have to save money so I can buy it.. boehoee :'( Some will come later when I have a real job after my graduation, because now I'm so young, working at my parents and I know it isn't necessary to have them. I should focus on my goal for earning money by myself.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha ! Ik wist niet dat je hier nog zo actief was X'D I'll see you Friday at Off_Corso, right? :P

  2. hahaha shopping is addicting!!! :)

    please check out my makeup blog when you have a moment.

    i was born in wenzhou!!! :D


  3. Wah I used to have a long list of things I want too but now I shortened it a lot! Just a few things and then I want to save for the future! I really want a Chanel bag! It's what Im trying to save for but it seems sooooo far away and with that money I could go on vacation or something! lol so Im not sure if it will be worth it but I will think about it when I actually have all the money saved up =P

    Which gucci and burberry bag did you get? I think those designers are lovely! Oh and I saw your camera from your previous post! Great choice! I also bought a camera not too long ago too!

  4. Omg Chanels bags are so expensive !! But I think, we should spend money on more important things than on bags now. When you have a great career and have much money left, that's a good time to buy a Chanel bag for yourself. We also should spend money for the fun times when you still have the chance for it. So, go on vacation when you want to :p
    I've also shortened my list at this blog hihi. I have bought a silver colored gucci tote bag and a Burberry tote bag :D These bags are so useful, because I always take many thing along when I go out the door. My camera is so fine to use ! Don't have any regrets to bought this. It's a great investment ^^
    Which camera do you have ?? I've just looked at your blog and your pictures are so beautiful an nice colored !!