zondag 11 maart 2012

My 3D Origami Swan with lovely hearts

After 14 hours of work it's FI-NAL-LY done ! I'm so glad. I had put a lot of effort in it. I wanted to share this with you guys =) 

dinsdag 6 maart 2012

maandag 25 april 2011

Best Friends

I'm so glad there are a few people in my life that are always be there for me. Most friends come and go. Some friends are such a backstabbers. They aren't worth it to call your friend. I rather throw them away out of my life and I did to some people. They cause a lot of headache to me. It's hard to say who your real friends realy are, but time will tell. For me, people who I already knows for years, they are stayers. It doesn't matter we don't see each other a lot, because of school or work.
They will get a special place in my heart ♥ I realy treasure these friends.

This foto is taken a few days ago. It was a beautiful day, so we have taken photos outside.

zondag 3 april 2011

Love for MAC's new collection ♥

Today, 2 April, I woke up early in the morning to catch the train to Amsterdam. My plan was to go shop there. I had bought 2 shirts from SuperTrash and Armani, nothing special. Then I went to Rotterdam for a stop before I go home to work. I immediately went to the MAC counter for the MAC's new collection: Quite Qute. This collection is very pink, girly and oh so cute! The lipstick of this collection have such nice soft colours. The first that I do, when I walk in the store, is to look for the lipsticks. I'm so addicted to lipsticks, especially pink. There are 5 lipsticks in total for this collection. I noticed quickly the three lightest colours: Playing Koi, Saint Germain and Quite Qute, swatched them on my hand and I was in love! At that moment I wanted to buy  Playing Koi and Quite Qute. The reason why I didn't wanted to buy Saint Germain is that this lipstick is permantly in their collection and the other two are Limited Editon. So I always can buy Saint Germain whenever I want. The other darker two lipsticks were a bit too much for me. At the MAC counter, there was just only two saleswomen and they were very busy with other customers. I didn't have much time to wait for my turn, because I had to catch my train to home for work. There was also other people before me. So I decided to come back next time and buy those lipsticks. When I looked around, I liked the other things. I thinks the blushes are very cute also, because of the heart in the center. But I don't want to purchase it. I already have enough blushes at home. When I have bought those two lipsticks, I will post it later !

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

1.朋友 2.人們 3.對一個好朋友

1. 你不在的時候,不論幾多朋友,我們總是要相信幾個人。因為在世界上有很多人會講你不好的話或者他們看你不起。只要聽你最好朋友的話。她都想你好,還有會幫助你。

2. 我們知道改變自己是很難,所以繼續做正常的事情,不太自私和好好地對別人。有的人成日想錢錢錢,對我錢不是重要。如果你自己覺得幸福,這是最好的感覺。我也不喜歡人吹牛。為什麼怎樣做呢?是不是你想別人要看你高嗎?很多朋友來和走,不要想信每個朋友。有的人對你面前很好,還你不在他説你壞的。時間會説誰是好不好。。。

3. 這個事情不是容易。我好想好想幫助你,不過我不知道怎麼辨和怎麼樣好説的話給你聽。對不起!我們不可能解決你的問題,就要知道我是在你的身邊。我們一起笑,一起哭。你不開心,我也不開心。 

♥'s 鄧佩珊

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Wanna wanna wanna !!

 Unfortunately I'm such a shopaholic.. There are some things I really want to have. In the future I'll purchase them (I HAVE TO) ^^
Here are some points of my wishlist:

--- Designer bags, scarves, watches, shoes etc. (you can't have enough)
LV; Damier Canvas Speedy, Monogram Eva/Milla Clutch, Monogram Vernis Brea,
 Monogram Multicolores Scarves, Leopard and Monogram Square
Gucci; Joy Bag
--- Other clothes, make up, perfume and many many more !
I really like to buy MAC, Chanel, Dior for my make up. At the moment are Mac lipsticks the most favourite and I also have a new love to the YSL lipsticks. ILOVELOVEPINKK !!

What I recently already have that I have been wanting for so long:
- Camera
- Gucci, Burberry Bag
- iPhone 4

Those things that are on my wishlist I have to save money so I can buy it.. boehoee :'( Some will come later when I have a real job after my graduation, because now I'm so young, working at my parents and I know it isn't necessary to have them. I should focus on my goal for earning money by myself.

woensdag 9 maart 2011

New temporary addiction

From time to time I have an addiction to buy kind of things. For example, a few years ago I had an addiction to buy movies a few times a week. Then it were dresses, shoes, earrings, rings, lipstick, lipgloss, nailpolish, mascara's, perfumes and so on. I've just noticed that I'm now in to the earrings again !! In one week I have bought like 6 pairs of earrings ?! OMG it's sooo bad for my wallet. A Dutch saying for this problem is: a gap in your hand. And I have to admit, with pain in my heart, that it is true. I spend too much money to things I don't necessary need to =___= But while I'm shopping I don't think about what I have at home. My mind says: 'BUY BUY BUY' at that moment. My mom is nagging every time when I got new stuff. She always say 3 same words: that I already have an a-look-a-like of it, it's too expensive or not suitable for me.
But hey look at the positive side, I'm enjoying my life hihi ^^,