zaterdag 20 november 2010


Done by myself.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010


A few weeks ago I went to the maccounter
This is what I've bought:

1. Liquid eyeliner; Blacktrack
2. Angle brush; 266

3. Blush; Pink Swoon
4. Lipstick; Speed Dial

dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Overjoyed (A)

Yeahh, I've passed my theory exam for driving for the first time !
Learning hard pays off. I was so scared to fail >_<
The night&morning I couldn't sleep at all..
My nervousness killed me xD
When I heard the results I was very happy ! Thank GOD ='D
And now I look forward to my driving test =)
Hopefully I'll get my drivinglicense before 2011


Lately I've been very busy.
Especially with work and a little bit with school.
So, that's why I don't post so much. I promise, if I get some time I'll work on it !

woensdag 1 september 2010


Here's a photo of my new nails !
I was so lazy putting it on my blog. So it took a bit longer.
I have them for almost 2 weeks now and like them a lot. It's so cute and pink.
The black on my pink is supposed to be Chanel, but on the picture it isn't so recognizable. On my other fingers I hve some bows and flowers ^^
It took me 5 hours. I was so glad when it was done !
I think I won't do my nails for a while, because I'm having school & work now. So I don't have much time for it. Maybe I will do it soon. I'm so stubborn when it's about the look . Appereance is very important to me hehe.

dinsdag 31 augustus 2010

Busy, busy, busy

School has begun yeeeh.  I've been working about 10 hours a day lately! Sometimes I'm so tired. And now I have school also. School + work = too busy! I don't have even so much spare time for myself omg.. Neather for my pore friends =( They definitly think yesyesyes no that irritating Pei Shan around me. All the time that I've been working, is that I'm doing it for my parents, especially for my mom =) Doing good things, feels good hehe. It feels better if they appreciate what you doing. I hope I can carry on!

Swatches, reviews are coming soon !

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Sony NEX-5 + 18-55 mm lens. Yes or No?

I've been looking for a new camera recently.
The Sony W210 pink, with 12.1 mp, is the camera that I have at the moment for one and a half year. So, it's time for a new one!
I want a camera that make good quality pictures and not to big in my hand. It must be taken wherever I go. Sometimes I like pictures when the subject is sharper than the background.
I realy want the Sony NEX-5. It interests me, because it's compact AND it has the lens of a DSLR. I've been reading reviews for this lately.
The positive side for me about the camera is that it's small, so you can take it everywhere. It has 14,2 megapixels. The quality of the photo's are so beautiful. That's great for enlarging objects. You can also film in HD !
The negative side for me is the price! It costs about 650 euro in Holland. I think its a bit pricy when I'm think what else I can buy for that money ! I have a lot of other things on my mind that I want to buy...
I still have doubts of buying this. I think it's a top camera, but the problem is the money. What do you think? Should I buy it or not? Is it worth your money? Does anyone have some experience with it?

donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Second acrylic nails ♥

Here is a picture of my second acrylic nails creation. 
I love this style of nail art. I think it's so cute ! And I like pink =P
It look me, don't shock, 5 hours. That's a pretty long time! I was so relieved when it was done. The results are beautiful for my hard and long work =$
At work I regular get compliments on my nails ^^, 
Acryl suits me. It stays longer on my nails than gel. Gel isn't strong enough for my work. At work I have to do a lot of things with my hand.
I have my nails for almost 2 weeks now. My nails grows very fast. I see the outgrow already! I will do an other acrylic design soon! I think I will stick with making flowers because I like it on my nails.
You will hear from me =) What do you guys think of it?

woensdag 18 augustus 2010

What have I ordered recently?

Here are some things I've ordered recently.

1. Some stuff for acrylic nails
2. Philips headphones
3. Drill machine
4. Acrylic color & different kind of pearls for my nails
5. Little Anna Sui Bag
6. Dolly Wink wimper case 

That's it for now! In the meanwhile I've ordered a lot of other things. But the other stuff will I receive later. I will post it later ! (when I'm not lazy for it =P)

donderdag 12 augustus 2010

Mac Lipstick: All Styled Up & Angel

A few weeks ago I went to Rotterdam and bought two lipsticks from MAC. I love love MAC lipsticks. I also love pink lipsticks! At the store I couldn't choose between the 'All Styled Up' and the 'Angel'. So I bought them both =P
The 'All Styled Up' is a limited edition from the 'In The Grove'-collection.
Each costs €17,50

PS. I've changed my blogspot-name XD

zondag 8 augustus 2010

My Nails ♥.

1,5 week ago (I think..) I did my nails for the first time with acrylic by me. I'm so proud of it. Here's the result ! (I have my working clothes on XD)

vrijdag 30 juli 2010


Yesterday, I went to the centrum of Dordrecht. At the Etos I had bought a browpowder. I bought it, because it was cheap hihi ^^ It has costs me 6 euro.

I've tried it out today. I have to say that it's sucks >__< I don't like it, because it made my brow to dark. The colour doesn't suit me. I think I won't use it again. But maybe some other people can like it. You can always try!

After that I went to the Douglas and asked a woman, who worked there, some advise about browpowders. She advised me Anastasia Berverly Hills. She tried some shades on my eyebrow to try how it looked like. I came to the conclusion to buy Brow Powder Duo II Golden Blonde. This one has costs me 23.50 euro.

It was worth my money, because I like this colour. It doesn't make my brows so dark. I can also use this for an very long time, because I don't have to use a lot of powder.

donderdag 29 juli 2010


Tuesday I had spend some time with my familie. At first we had planned that we going to shop in Roosendaal. When we arrived we didn't expect what we hoped for. It wasn't fun to shop there. After 15 minutes in Roosendaal we dediced to shop in Roermond.

The TomTom said that we would arrive about 1,5 hour. My dad was very tired of driving, so he missed some exits and took us 2 hours when we arrived. Finally, we arrived and I was so excited ! Unfortunately, I hadn't bought so much clothes that day. I did also bought a blouse for my little brother for his upcoming birthday.
This is what I've bought for myself:

After that we went to a chinese restaurant at 'De Blauwe Olifant' in Rotterdam. It took us 2,5 hour from Roermond to Rotterdam! OMG, that was a long trip. Luckily, I could sleep in de car for half an hour. When we arrived at home I was exhausted.
But I had a great time with my family after all. =)

woensdag 28 juli 2010

What's on my mind

I think about a lot of things. About school, work, friends, how to satisfy my parents (especially my mom =__= she's nagging about everything) Some things I can talk with my closest friends about it, but some things I keep it for myself. I'm so glad that there are a few friends that I can trust and rely on.
Sometimes I think about a person that I can't forget. We used to be together, but that was the past. It brings up memories that I try to forget, but can't and honestly I don't want to. I just stuck in the past and remember exactly what we've been trough. I realy wish I could turn back those lovely times with him. I know that I didn't say so much about how I felt for him. The reason why is that I was so shy and didn't talked so much. My feelings isn't over yet. I hadn't saw him for a very long time, for one year and three months exactly speaking.
But yesterday I saw him by coincidence! I was with my little brother sitting and waiting for my parents. I saw some boy's from afar. About one of them I thought; 'Hey, he has a face that I've seen before!' I looked twice. He was the one who I couldn't forget. My heart began to beat faster when I realised it. He did saw me too and his friend also looked at me a few times. Then he was gone. Feelings for him came up, but I have to face the truth now. It's hard, but life goes on. Time has passed and things have changed.

Numéro uno Blog

Yeah.. this is my first blog.
I know that a few people or none will read it X'D
But I don't care, I've nothing else to do I think..
I'll do some blogs for now and then.
Don't know exactly what I'll write, but I'll put some things I want to share with ya'll (A)
I think some reviews about make up, nail art, things on my mind, what I've bought or something like that !