woensdag 28 juli 2010

What's on my mind

I think about a lot of things. About school, work, friends, how to satisfy my parents (especially my mom =__= she's nagging about everything) Some things I can talk with my closest friends about it, but some things I keep it for myself. I'm so glad that there are a few friends that I can trust and rely on.
Sometimes I think about a person that I can't forget. We used to be together, but that was the past. It brings up memories that I try to forget, but can't and honestly I don't want to. I just stuck in the past and remember exactly what we've been trough. I realy wish I could turn back those lovely times with him. I know that I didn't say so much about how I felt for him. The reason why is that I was so shy and didn't talked so much. My feelings isn't over yet. I hadn't saw him for a very long time, for one year and three months exactly speaking.
But yesterday I saw him by coincidence! I was with my little brother sitting and waiting for my parents. I saw some boy's from afar. About one of them I thought; 'Hey, he has a face that I've seen before!' I looked twice. He was the one who I couldn't forget. My heart began to beat faster when I realised it. He did saw me too and his friend also looked at me a few times. Then he was gone. Feelings for him came up, but I have to face the truth now. It's hard, but life goes on. Time has passed and things have changed.

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