donderdag 29 juli 2010


Tuesday I had spend some time with my familie. At first we had planned that we going to shop in Roosendaal. When we arrived we didn't expect what we hoped for. It wasn't fun to shop there. After 15 minutes in Roosendaal we dediced to shop in Roermond.

The TomTom said that we would arrive about 1,5 hour. My dad was very tired of driving, so he missed some exits and took us 2 hours when we arrived. Finally, we arrived and I was so excited ! Unfortunately, I hadn't bought so much clothes that day. I did also bought a blouse for my little brother for his upcoming birthday.
This is what I've bought for myself:

After that we went to a chinese restaurant at 'De Blauwe Olifant' in Rotterdam. It took us 2,5 hour from Roermond to Rotterdam! OMG, that was a long trip. Luckily, I could sleep in de car for half an hour. When we arrived at home I was exhausted.
But I had a great time with my family after all. =)

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