maandag 23 augustus 2010

Sony NEX-5 + 18-55 mm lens. Yes or No?

I've been looking for a new camera recently.
The Sony W210 pink, with 12.1 mp, is the camera that I have at the moment for one and a half year. So, it's time for a new one!
I want a camera that make good quality pictures and not to big in my hand. It must be taken wherever I go. Sometimes I like pictures when the subject is sharper than the background.
I realy want the Sony NEX-5. It interests me, because it's compact AND it has the lens of a DSLR. I've been reading reviews for this lately.
The positive side for me about the camera is that it's small, so you can take it everywhere. It has 14,2 megapixels. The quality of the photo's are so beautiful. That's great for enlarging objects. You can also film in HD !
The negative side for me is the price! It costs about 650 euro in Holland. I think its a bit pricy when I'm think what else I can buy for that money ! I have a lot of other things on my mind that I want to buy...
I still have doubts of buying this. I think it's a top camera, but the problem is the money. What do you think? Should I buy it or not? Is it worth your money? Does anyone have some experience with it?

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