donderdag 19 augustus 2010

Second acrylic nails ♥

Here is a picture of my second acrylic nails creation. 
I love this style of nail art. I think it's so cute ! And I like pink =P
It look me, don't shock, 5 hours. That's a pretty long time! I was so relieved when it was done. The results are beautiful for my hard and long work =$
At work I regular get compliments on my nails ^^, 
Acryl suits me. It stays longer on my nails than gel. Gel isn't strong enough for my work. At work I have to do a lot of things with my hand.
I have my nails for almost 2 weeks now. My nails grows very fast. I see the outgrow already! I will do an other acrylic design soon! I think I will stick with making flowers because I like it on my nails.
You will hear from me =) What do you guys think of it?

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It really pretty! :D
    I love the creation<3
    sooo cute:D
    Can't wait to see your previous designs!!^-^~